DeLaMaza U1600 is champion again. Lets form teams for next tourney

Currently DeLaMaza teams for next season are:

DeLaMaza U2000

1. Bahus
2. RomaLavrn (captain)
3. JavaManIssa
4. JoeytheBudgie
5. LLIAMAH (capt. assist.)

DeLaMaza U1800

1. Bahus
2. JavaManIssa
3. Nezha
4. LLIAMAH (captain)
5. jjgsmm

DeLaMaza U1600

1. generalkaia
2. jjgsmm
3. phorku

We need two players for U1600 and welcome strong players for U2000. If someone wants to join contact me.


Jim said...

I signed up for the tourney but still no word on what to do from there.

chesslovers said...

hello happy know with you...good site and post from indonesian chesslovers.thanks.