DeLaMaza U1600 team in Final!

The only good thing in 45 45 tourney is that in U1600 section DeLaMaza team goes to final round.

And I am very upset about DeLaMaza U2000. We had the most powerful team, our first board TripleCheck won 5 of 5 games, second board Gracey get 5.5/6 points. We could not loose! But we have won no rounds. 6 draws. Second place. The most awful thing was that I was absent during 4 rounds. I was 600km away from home working, measuring fields. So it was the end of DeLaMaza U2000. We will not have TripleCheck and Gracey in next tourney. Our chances for victory dissapeared.

Something unusually bad happened with DeLaMaza U1800 team. At the start it was team with strongest 3rd and 4th boards among all teams. But the result is very sad.

The only my hope is that in U1600 section DeLaMaza will win in Final round. If not then all 3 DeLaMaza teams are disgrace for theirs name. So, Knights, you are to win!

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