Knight's tourney is open!

Time Control: 45 45 (as bahus proposed to train our new teammates)
Knockout system, 3 rounds

Pairings for the 1st round (from May 24 to June 1)

white black

1. psionic vs bahus 0:1 (bahus is in 2nd round)
2. Xeones vs RomaLavrn 1:0 (Xeones advanced to 2nd round)
3. Nezha vs CelticDeath 1:0 (Nezha in 2nd round)
4. knightwizzy vs PawnSensei 0:1 (PS is in 2nd round)

As for game of psionic: last move may be Qe6. Then plan may be based that after exchanges of rooks and queens black bishop cant control h1. So if try to exchange black g-pawn for both white - it is theoretical draw.
2. Remember about theoretical draw positions.

Contact your opponent using your(or that) blogs and schedule time when game starts.

Use FICS server time for scheduling.

Propose 3 times when you can play, your opponent may accept one of them or propose 3 times when he can play and so on.

In agreed time be online and start 45 45 rated game with colours as in pairings

If your opponent is off-line in proper time wait 30 minutes "grace period". If during 30 minutes he "no show" - he lost.

If something is not mentioned rules of 45 45 teamchess.org will be applied.

Good luck and Good Games!

UPDATE: in case of draw 20 5 tie-break until first win.


CelticDeath said...

I assume the first name shown for each pairing plays White, yes?

Pawnsensei said...

Hey Knightwiz,

To save on Blog space can you post your times on our ICQ group. You can get there through my sidebar. Thanks.


Pomaranch Captain said...

Yes, in pairings first plays White.

knightwiz said...


During the week after 20:00 FICS time is good for me. What about you?

CelticDeath said...

Nezha advances.

Pawnsensei said...

PawnSensei advances

scitcat said...

Hmm I will take a look at that...