Last Call to Strongest Knights

DeLaMaza U2000 team need The Strongest Knight for second board. Who pretend to be the strongest among us? Or that place will be used by non-knight "legioner"?
FICS rating should be 1900-2100. (U2000 means that avarage rating of team players is under 2000). One game 45 45 per week, sheduled in appropriate for you and opponent time. If such time cant be found the game have to be played during next week (14 days for game to be played). If you are very busy any week CelticDeath will play instead of you. Your opponents are 1900-2050 rated players.
Our first board is TripleCheck(2150) who is MDLM follower, who got his 400 points, from his notes I've noticed about "400 points for 400 days". If no knights will answer this call I afraid we will loose our 1st board and DeLaMaza U2000 too. Dont let it happen.
3rd and 4th boards are bahus and me.

If you want to join but have no FICS account or have no 20 games played contact me I'll advise you what to do.

Nezha, psionic, xeonis and knightwizzy are to UPDATE their profiles again (Click yes on T27 and on "I have read and accept the Team 4545 League procedures", they deleted that when upgraded website for T27 tournament)

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