Knight's tourney 2nd round

JavaManIssa late-joined tourney

Pairings for the 2st round (from May 30 to June 7)

white black

1. javamanissa vs bahus 0:1
2. bahus vs javamanissa 1:0 (bahus is in round 3)

3. Xeones vs Nezha
4. Nezha vs Xeones 1:0

PawnSensei has a BYE in this round

So you have two 45 45 games, with different colours. If after two games result is draw you are to plaY 20 5 tie-break until first win.

It is reccomended that games should be played in different days. Tie-break starts after second game.

Contact your opponent using your blogs and schedule time when game starts.

Use FICS server time for scheduling.

Propose 3 times when you can play, your opponent may accept one of them or propose 3 times when he can play and so on.

Good luck and Good Games!



JavaManIssa said...

This may sound silly, but which blog belongs to bahus?

What do you think of
3 am - 7 am 34/05/05
3 am - 7 am 35/05/05
2 am - 4 am 36/05/05

JavaManIssa said...

bahus wins first.

JavaManIssa said...

bahus wins second.