Decline MFO's challenge

I propose to decline MFO's challenge. Our method of development has nothing to do with a correspondence game. We will fight MFO "face to face" in teamchess 45 45 tourney, so we dont need to make pleasure to our strongest opponents. Most of Knights are busy with circles and correspondence game is a waste of time.

Instead I propose to Knights to make a Knight Tourney Knockout system. Why Knockout - where you read about Knight tourneys on Swiss system in the past? And not to waste your time is a purpose too. 3 or 4 rounds. We are to finish before 14 June when 45 45 War starts.

If I'll get from you some positive comments I'll start to manage that tourney.

Propose time control please.


knightwiz said...

A Knight's tourney would be great, 30/0 or slower is ok for me.

bahus said...

I'm always ready to play. Most of us have very little experience with 45 45 times so I suggest we use that timecontrol.

- bahus

CelticDeath said...

I'm up for g/30 or slower.

Nezha said...

Fine by me too. Lets schedule the tourney. And if possible, lets analyze the games together. That should be interesting.

Pawnsensei said...

I'm in.