100 points for 400 days

400 days from the start of program is over. Now my rating on FICS is 1886, at start of program it was in avarage 1800. Less then 100 points. I have not waited for all 400, but planned to have at least half and 2000 rating. Does this method work as name sounds?


CelticDeath said...

Although I can't speak for the rest of the MDLM grads, I can speak for myself. I've concluded that the tactical training is extremely important, but it NOT what will enable someone who completes the circles to gain 400 elo points in 400 days. Everyone is different with different strengths and weaknesses. Once tactical mastery is achieved, then other areas of one's game must be addressed.

Pomaranch Captain said...

CD, I completely agree with you. Look for my comment on Tempo's blog

bahus said...

Some time ago I found one success story.
However, I'm not sure if he really improved 400 points like he claimed.

I guess a.) tactics and b.) Real Chess is a key to rapid improvement, after all this is exactly what Michael de la Maza program is. If one is fairly familiar with tactical patterns and has reasonable thought process the main defects are to be found elsewhere (although almost all weak players play Hope Chess and miss simple tactics).

One more thing is that FICS ratings do not necessarily tell how strong you are in slow OTB -game. According to SurveyBot at FICS:

FICS USCF (estimate)
1800 1665
1900 1786
2000 1901

So improving 200 points FICS changes the estimate 336 points.

- bahus

Mousetrapper said...

MDLM himself describes that he did not make progress after the Circles until he optimized his thought process. This is exactly my own experience.

Dr Munky said...

Bahus, the guy at the link you gave is a fraud, if you actaully look up his USCF rating it never broke 1550 and the FQE rating he states is nearly 2000 is currently 1674. Sadly my french isn't upto finding out if he ever hit 2000. My guess since he never stated that he reached such a rating in his last post and the one he did was written in the future tense that he didn't.
I hope the circles will sort out the biggest flaw in my game at the moment which is purely tactical, I'm missing things when winning and when even.