T28 lost. Teams for revenge are ready

No good comments I have about T28.

So teams for T29 are:

DeLaMaza U1600

1.RomaLavrn (captain) 1797
2.jjgsmm (capt.assistant,6 games) 1631 or phorku (for substitution) 1571
3.TedR (6 games) 1560 (not fixed!)
4.MegaSkins (6 games) 1412

Team rating is just 1600!

DeLaMaza U1800

1.SerhiyFranchuk 2001 (not fixed!)
2.JavaManIssa 1799
3.RomaLavrn (capt.) 1797
4.phorku (6 games) 1572 (capt.assistant)
5.TedR (if needed) 1560 (not fixed!)

DeLaMaza/Pomaranch U2000

1.Gracey 2065
2.SerhiyFranchuk 2001 (not fixed!)
3.RagEUa 1899 (our new player, he played very well in 90 30 trn)
4.RomaLavrn 1797

5.JavaManIssa (when needed) 1799

Team rating is 1941. Why so low? That is because of a new rule. Now fixed ratings for T29 are average among collected during T28. So my real rating now is 1850, but I was away during T28 and then my rating was 179x. So avarage became 1797. That made me available for U1600 team! As for U2000 I can say that my and RagEua real ratings are higher, and expert team rating I think is 1960. So we have chances.

So 3 teams consists of 9 players that during 6 rounds should play next ammount of games (if they can, but there is a substitution in most cases):

1.Gracey 6 games
2.SerhiyFranchuk 12 games
3.RagEUa 6 games
4.RomaLavrn 18 games
5.JavaManIssa at least 6 games
6.jjgsmm 6 games
7.phorku 6 games
8.TedR at least 6 games (MUST! He has no substitution)
9.MegaSkins 6 games (MUST! He has no substitution)


Pomaranch Captain said...

LLIAMAH will create his own U1800 team. Who of Knights have not found himself in my teams may contact him. CelticDeath for example. He replied somewhere that wants to join, but late when teams were ready.

generalkaia said...

can i be added to the list. i definitely want to play.

Jim said...

I'll be ready. Let's take the hardware back from those guys!

Pomaranch Captain said...

we have too many players for u1800 team, so it will be better to have two u1800 teams. CD, GK, LLIAMAH, perheps bahus and dreadpiratejosh may be a nice team. So make contacts among yourself, LLIAMAH is ready to be captain.

CelticDeath said...

Thanks, RomaLavrn, I'll contact LLIAMAH.

CelticDeath said...

RomaLavrn, I have left LLIAMAH a FICS message expressing my interest to join his team. Is this the best way to reach him?