Round 6 is coming

In last round DeLaMaza U1600 is fighting for the place in final. But other teams U1800 and U2000 lost chances again. I think we are to make the best U1800 team for next season. But I have no ideas about U2000 team. We have no high-rated players among us yet.
So its just time to put together team for the next season. Who wants to join just contact RomaLavrn or LLIAMAH on Fics or post comment on this blog.


phorku said...

I would like to play again.



Jim said...

Include me in your roster for U1600.

Jim said...

I want to play in the T29, but I want to play in the U1400. I'm tired of getting killed by guys who are at least 100 points higher than me. Right now my rating is 1372.