Pomaranch U2000 team is FICS teamchess champion!

We lost only one game of 28 played (my 1st game vs CelticDeath). Perfect!

In U1800 DeLaMaza team is section winner, but in play-off1 mouseslip in won position made us off the final. Else it would be DeLaMaza inner final, DeLaMaza vs CheckMate!


CelticDeath said...

Congrats! My team will have to take the U1800, so we'll be able to have something to celebrate....

NewVasyuki said...

Congrats with a victory in 2000
you better

Pawnsensei said...

Congrats Roman!


CelticDeath said...

Is Teamchess going to have a T30 for FICS? I can't pull up the website.

phorku said...

Yes I am available and looking forward to this 45 45 tourney.

phorku / tim

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phorku said...

Are you still going to be captain for T31? I am available to play in 1800 or 1600.

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